Most survey work is billed at an hourly rate. There are many variables which affect the cost of a survey. Experience and local knowledge of the area are important factors. Other variables include:

  • Type of survey needed – what is the final purpose.
  • Terrain and accessibility – a flat field is easier to survey than a mountain covered with timber and brush.
  • Description of property – A legal description which describes a portion of a section is required by law to be surveyed quite differently than a description which refers to a platted subdivision.
  • Records research – number of parcels involved and the number of past transactions. Abutting lands must be researched. Property corners which exist, but are not of record must be discovered.
  • Existing evidence on the property – boundary evidence such as iron pins, pipes, stones, posts, fences, etc., aid the surveyor.

Because of these and other variables, it is impractical to pre-determine the exact amount of time necessary to complete a survey and therefore the exact cost. However, based on general experience, we can normally furnish a realistic estimate prior to commencing a project.