We provide quality land surveying services to both public and private sector clients. Our surveys utilize computerized electronic survey equipment to yield the highest precision possible. Computers equipped with surveying and drafting software are used to provide survey computations and analysis, as well as automated drafting.

  • Boundary Surveys from large rural land holdings or timber sales to marking a property line for a new fence.
  • Logging Surveys for timber sales prior to cutting operations.
  • Construction Surveys for layout of shopping centers, office parks, public buildings & private homes.
  • Topographic Surveys & Mapping for planning or developmental purposes.
  • Utility Surveys for construction, location or as-builts of utility lines such as: sewer, water, power or telephone.
  • Route Surveys for roads & utilities
  • A.L.T.A. Standard Surveys for nationwide financial institutions or a private homeowners peace of mind.